Hearing Aid Accessories

At their most basic, hearing aids enable individuals with hearing loss to reconnect with friends and loved ones.  Accessories enhance the experience, adding versatility and convenience, and improving listening in a variety of different environments.  Deciding which accessories to purchase for your hearing aids is largely a personal matter, and dependent on your lifestyle needs.

Popular Hearing Aid Accessories


Wireless accessories are among the most popular type amongst our patients. Relying on Bluetooth technology, wireless accessories connect your hearing aids with cell phones, computers, televisions, and more, streaming signals directly to your hearing aids so you can continue wearing them while using other electronic devices.

Transmitters and receivers are useful in classroom settings, where lectures can be delivered directly to hearing aids so the student can focus on the lesson more easily, especially when background noise, distance, and reverberation are problematic.


Power adaptors allow users to directly connect a variety of audio sources, including FM systems, MP3 players, televisions, and computers, directly to their hearing aids for improved versatility with less distraction.


Assistive listening devices or personal amplifiers utilize a microphone placed in close proximity to the sound source for better amplification. These are helpful in settings such as churches, theaters, and classrooms.


Cleaning kits come with tools such as a wax removal brush and pick, tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, and battery replacement magnet to make the task of cleaning easier and more convenient. Keeping your hearing aids clean is essential for maximum performance and will help prolong their life.


Earwax filters also help keep your devices clean by preventing earwax from entering the hearing aids. The result is clear, natural sound and a lower likelihood of repairs being needed.


Don’t forget batteries! Having a ready stock on hand will prevent you from suddenly losing your ability to communicate should your current batteries die unexpectedly.

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