Hearing Aid Batteries

Like all electronic devices, hearing aids need power to function. As devices grow more technologically advanced and compact in size, they require a tiny, powerful source to work well for an extended period of time. It’s important to understand your hearing aids’ batteries in order to ensure you get the most out of your devices.

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids need a battery that is simultaneously tiny and powerful. Due to this unique need, nearly all hearing aids today are powered by zinc-air batteries. There are five major sizes of zinc-air batteries, each of which has a unique color and number. This helps hearing aid users to easily remember the battery needed. Your hearing aids will likely require one of these battery sizes:

  • 5 (red)

  • 10 (yellow)

  • 13 (orange)

  • 312 (brown)

  • 675 (blue)

Patients who opt for small hearing aid styles should expect to also use smaller batteries. While these devices are appealing due to their discreet size, it’s important to understand that the batteries they use will have a shorter average lifespan and require good manual dexterity to replace on a regular basis. Larger devices, on the other hand, use longer-lasting, larger batteries that many patients find easier to handle.


Battery Care

Batteries typically need to be replaced 1–2 times per week. Replacement batteries are available at a discounted price through your audiologist’s office. They can also be purchased at most major retail stores, drugstores, and through a variety of online retailers.

Batteries should always be stored at room temperature in a dry environment. They should be kept away from moisture, extreme temperatures (including the refrigerator), and metal objects like keys or coins.

When you open a new set of zinc-air batteries, you will activate them by pulling a small tab. This exposes the batteries to oxygen, which allows them to produce power. You should allow a battery to absorb oxygen for at least 60 seconds before inserting it into your hearing aid.

To extend the life of your batteries and keep your hearing aids working properly, it’s best to open the battery compartment and remove the batteries each night as part of your regular cleaning routine. Be sure to clean the batteries and battery contacts with a dry, soft cloth before using them each day. Leave battery compartments open at night to allow any built up moisture or condensation to dry.

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