Caring For Hearing Aids

Should you encounter issues with your hearing aids, Indiana Ear offers repair service for most makes and models. Many times, there is a surprisingly easy fix; we encourage you to try the below tips if your hearing aids aren’t working properly before bringing them in for repair.

Prolonging the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are built to work in an extreme environment subject to heat, moisture, and earwax. Even with diligent care, problems can arise. You can prolong the life of your hearing aids by cleaning them on a daily basis (water and cleaning solvents should be avoided; wipe with a soft, dry cloth instead), storing them in a protective case when not in use, and bringing them in for regular “clean and check” appointments.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having any of the following problems with your hearing aids, follow the tips listed before bringing them in for repair. Often, these quick fixes are all it takes to get them working as good as new again.

If there is no sound coming from your hearing aids:

  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly; replace if needed

  • Check the earmold or wax guard for wax buildup; clean as necessary, or replace wax guard

  • Check tubing for moisture or wax buildup; use blower tool to clean

  • Make sure hearing aid is set to microphone mode

If feedback or whistling is occurring:

  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aids

  • Adjust the volume

  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing your hearing aids

  • Have your doctor remove any excess earwax from your ears

If the sound is weak or distorted:

  • Replace the batteries

  • Open the battery compartment and wipe down the contacts

  • Clean the earmold or tubing and/or replace wax guard

After trying these tips, if your hearing aids are not working, bring them in for repair. Overall cost will depend on the issue of the problem and your warranty coverage, if applicable.

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