Travel Tips

For those with hearing loss, it’s important to ensure you can hear your best both when you’re home and when you’re traveling. As you plan your next vacation or business trip, it’s vital to remember to prepare for traveling with your hearing aids in tow. By following these guidelines, you can set yourself up for a stress-free vacation where you never miss a moment.

#1: Always have a safe place to store your hearing aids

When you’re in an unfamiliar setting, careless mistakes can happen more readily than during your regular routine at home. You want to make sure you always have a safe place to put your hearing aids when you need to remove them. A hard, sturdy case is the best way to ensure your hearing aids are safe in your bag, luggage, hotel room, or on the go.

If you plan to be around any water, such as the pool or ocean, you may also need to invest in a waterproof case. Keep your hearing aids, accessories and batteries safe by storing them in a waterproof case. That way, if you need to remove your hearing aids to enjoy time in the water, you know they will be protected from damage in a secure spot.

#2: Pack plenty of backup parts

As most seasoned hearing aid users know, one malfunctioning component can result in underperforming hearing aids. Vacations are for relaxing, and you don’t want to spend time hunting for a place to buy new tubing, wax filters, batteries, etc. Instead, you should make sure you have at least a few extras with you to use in case of a problem. Hearing aids can react to climate changes and travel in unexpected ways, so it never hurts to be over-prepared.

Since travel can be a bit hectic, we recommend you pack spare batteries and other components in your personal bag as well as in at least two other areas, so you’re never at risk of losing the help of your hearing aid.

#3: Give your hearing aids a home away from home

Just like at your own house, you should designate a specific spot to store your hearing aids when they’re not in use. The risk of losing, misplacing, or damaging your hearing aids increases when you’re in an unfamiliar place, so find a safe, secure location and ensure to always keep your devices there throughout your trip.

#4: Don’t take your hearing aids out for security unless asked

Going through airport security is stressful, and it’s important you hear what’s going on around you for a smooth trip through the airport checkpoint. TSA recommends that you keep your hearing aids in as you go through airport security, as it’s a highly likely place to lose or damage your hearing aids. Before you go through the scanner, be sure to tell the checkpoint TSA agent that you are wearing hearing aids in one or both ears.

#5: Keep your technology with you

Hearing aids, batteries, accessories and electronic components should be kept in your carryon bags whenever possible. Putting these items in your checked bags increases the possibility of loss and damage. The checked luggage space under the plane may not have a regulated temperature, either, which can render your batteries unusable upon landing.

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