MAXUM® is a unique implant designed for those who want a hearing aid alternative. This implant is used for adult patients (18 and older) who are experiencing moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. MAXUM is a popular option amongst our patients because it can be implanted using a minimally invasive procedure that’s completed on an outpatient basis.

How Does MAXUM Work?

MAXUM works similarly to a hearing aid, but instead of a microphone for amplification, this implant uses a sound processor, which sends electrical signals to a transceiver coil. The implant consists of two small parts: a middle-ear implant and the integrated processor and coil, which are worn in the ear. When sound hits the MAXUM processor, the signal is transmitted using electromagnetic energy across the eardrum and to the receiver, which is implanted in the small bones of the middle ear, called the ossicles. This signal causes the ossicles to vibrate and thus directly stimulate the cochlea of the inner ear.

Benefits of MAXUM

Since the cochlea is stimulated directly by the MAXUM, cleaner, clearer, crisper hearing results. Patients report reduced feedback and whistling as well as improved hearing in noisy settings when they use MAXUM rather than regular hearing aids. This is due to the process by which sound is transferred to the cochlea. Hearing aids deliver sound through a speaker, whereas MAXUM’s electromagnetic coil amplifies sound in a different way. MAXUM’s design also eliminates the annoying effects that result from a blocked, or occluded, ear canal. This reduces distortion and results in a more natural listening experience.

When you visit us at Indiana Ear, we want to offer you the best possible hearing loss treatment solutions for your individual needs. Once your audiologist has diagnosed your hearing loss, we will discuss all of your options to determine the right choice of treatment plan. If you’re interested in how MAXUM can improve your listening experience, we encourage you to talk to your hearing healthcare provider at Indiana Ear about the various hearing loss implant options at your next appointment.

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