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Are You Living with an Undetected Hearing Loss?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Frustrated woman leaning on table with head in hand

Hearing loss occurs gradually over the span of several years for most adults, making it harder to identify. Hearing loss begins as subtle difficulties in challenging listening environments, like background noise, but over time begins to cause more significant challenges in a person’s daily life. Like any health concern, early identification and treatment are key to long term successful communication, but this can be tricky since the early stages of hearing loss often go undetected.

Below is a quick quiz to see if you may be suffering from an undetected hearing loss:

1.) Are family and friends complaining that the television or radio are too loud? 2.) Are you asking people to repeat themselves? 3.) Do you avoid social situations with groups of people? 4.) Are loved ones noticing that you struggle keeping up in conversations?

If you answered “Yes” for one or more of these questions, you may have a hearing loss. Remember, early treatment of hearing loss can make a large impact on long term success. Call and schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists today for a comprehensive hearing test and a discussion of treatment options at no risk to you.


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