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I was deaf in my right ear for over 25 years and in my left ear I could barely hear. Doctors told me that there was no surgery to fix it. Then I met Dr. Disher and the team performed a miracle! Now I can hear perfectly in my right ear and in my left ear! I never could hear my cat purr or all the beautiful sounds of nature. Thank you so much Dr. Disher, you are an absolute healer!
-Diane S
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Our Practice

Indiana Ear offers comprehensive ear care for a variety of conditions related to ear health, hearing, tinnitus, balance, headache, and more.


Our clinic, serving patients in Fort Wayne, South Bend, and the surrounding communities, is run by Dr. Michael J. Disher, MD, a board-certified neurotologist along with our Nurse Practitioners Brittany Serovy, FNP and Danielle Castillo, FNP.
Dr. Disher works closely with our three expert audiologists, Denise Bickley, AuD, F-AAA, Deborah King, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA, and Dr. Tina Sheehan, Au.D., F-AAA.


Our experienced, caring team of providers and staff are truly committed to meeting your needs.

Mission Statement

At Indiana Ear, we believe in providing compassionate, specialized healthcare for all of our patients. As the only ear sub-specialty office in northern Indiana, we’re always at the forefront of knowledge, technology and treatment.

Your ear health is our sole focus. And it all starts with one thing: listening to you.

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Why Choose Indiana Ear


Dr. Michael Disher is the area's only neurotologist, specializing specifically in ear disorders. At Indiana Ear, you will work with Dr. Disher as well as our audiologists to identify, treat and monitor your ear disorder. Our patients' health and overall satisfaction are our top priority and we look forward to serving each one!

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