Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss.  In many cases, hearing aids can restore your ability to communicate and improve your quality of life

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Indiana Ear is a specialty clinic in northern Indiana focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear. Most often, individuals with troublesome ear symptoms seek care with a general practitioner, such as a family physician, or an ENT (ear, nose & throat) specialist.

However, the spectrum of ear disorders is very broad and often complicated. Indiana Ear concentrates on the ear only, providing a highly specialized care source for patients and referring physicians.

This area of clinical medicine is referred to as Neurotology & Otology. Neurotology & Otology are considered a subspecialty within the field of otolaryngology (general ear, nose & throat care).

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Approximately 15 years ago, I asked for your help to improve my quality of life. It is not an overstatement to say that your influence has affected me in positive ways too numerous to mention… None of my pleasure, success, or influence on others would have been possible without you… 

—  Brian Inniger

Hearing Aids

As the only ear sub-specialty office in northern Indiana, we're uniquely qualified to find the perfect hearing aid for you. Indiana Ear is the leading medical center for ear health and hearing loss and the best place to get a hearing aid.

Hearing loss is the second most common complaint at Doctor’s Visits after Back Pain in the US.  There are 30 million wit...

The simple process of hearing which everyone with normal hearing takes for granted every day, is an amazingly complex pr...

Occasionally folks will complain of hearing loss but their hearing test is normal.  They especially struggle when there...

One of the most common causes of imbalance or dizziness is migraine headaches.  Often, it is not the severe headaches bu...

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