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Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Bone conduction hearing aids are implantable or non-implantable hearing solutions for patients with either conductive or mixed hearing loss. This means that rather than a loss or deterioration of hair cells within the cochlea, their hearing loss is caused by a blockage of the sound within the middle or outer ear system. For these patients, Dr. Disher and your audiologist may recommend a bone conduction device. 


Bone conduction hearing aids work differently than traditional hearing aids. Rather than amplifying sounds and passing them through the eardrum and middle ear space to the inner ear, they bypass the outer and middle ear system and send sounds through the mastoid bone to the inner ear. This can be done surgically, by placing an abutment or oscillator into the mastoid bone, or can be worn on a headband (nonsurgical option). 


Bone conduction hearing aids we work with include: 

  • BAHA 5 by Cochlear Americas

  • Ponto by Oticon Medical 

  • BoneBridge & AdHear by Med-El Corporation 

  • Sophono by Medtronic


If you think you or a loved one may be a bone conduction hearing aid candidate contact our office today for an evaluation.

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