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Ear infection and tubes

At Indiana Ear we help treat and alleviate pain associated with ear infections and tubes. 

While ear infections can occur within the outer, middle, or inner ear system, the most typical type of ear infection is known as otitis media and is caused by fluid buildup within the air-filled middle ear system behind the eardrum.


Who usually gets ear infections?

Otitis media is very common in young children although adults will occasionally experience this as well.


What are some symptoms of an ear infection?

During an episode of otitis media you or your child is likely to experience sharp pains or dull aches in the ear, fullness, decreased hearing, and nausea.


For young children, pulling at the ear and being overly irritable are signs of a possible ear infection. 


Ear Infection diagram of Otitis Media
Graphic of outer ear infection

How can you treat ear infections?

Otitis media can become chronic if an acute ear infection episode never completely goes away. During these situations, Dr. Disher or our nurse practitioner, Danielle, may recommend pressure-equalizing (PE) tubes to help drain the fluid behind the eardrum.

Outer ear infections, known as otitis externa, can also occur. This type of infection occurs within the ear canal and can be caused by water trapped in the ear canal after swimming (swimmer’s ear) or a fungal infection. 


Symptoms of otitis externa include pain, itchiness, drainage, and decreased hearing. 

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