Audiology Services


the study of Hearing, Hearing Loss, Balance, and Disorders related to the Ear.

Diagnostic Testing

Our audiologists provide complete diagnostic testing to assess a patient’s type and severity of  hearing loss for all ages from birth to geriatric years.

Tinnitus Management

While there may not be a cure for tinnitus, it can oftentimes be managed. Denise Bickley, Au.D, is certified in tinnitus management.

Adult Hearing Aids

Hearing aids work to collect sounds from the environment, process them, and amplify the pitches affected by hearing loss.


Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help to boost speech and environmental sounds so that a child can develop speech and language as well as have high academic performance

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are an implantable hearing technology option for those children and adults with significant hearing loss.

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Bone conduction hearing aids an implantable or non-implantable hearing solution for patients with either a conductive or mixed hearing loss.


The Maxum system is an electromagnetic partially implanted, middle ear hearing device.


The Earlens hearing aid uses light and a small lens placed in your ear to activate your natural hearing system.

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